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This site is the result of searching back my ancestors in Holland, Germany and USA.
Back to 1646, Johan Thomas, farmer on the 'Thomas-place' Barl 5 in Wehe/Rahden. A little village in Westfalen, Germany. In that time named Pruissen. In 1855 my g-grandfather came to Holland and married to Beatrix de Bruijn in Vrijenban. This village is a part of Delft now.
The family is still not complete and I hope to get more information from the visitors of this site. I am specialy interested in the family Thomas/Thoms who emigrated to America in 1850/57. I have found Chris Thoms and his family in Illinois, Nashville! and Fred Thoms *1830, St. Louis MO - Summer 2003- but I am still looking for the others.
Please write if you have any new information.

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